Some Selected Projects 

Rum Bum Distributors, Inc. 1999 $10,000,000

South Miami, Florida

The mixed use development includes a live theater for 150 patrons, a micro-brewery restaurant, apartments, office and retail spaces. 

Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida 1998 $55,000,000

Miami-Dade County, Florida

As Building Official, Mr. Pardo also was responible for all code interpretations and as owner representative including but not limiting to coordination with all necessary governmental agencies, pay applications, interpretations, etc. 

Lakes of the North 1998 $180,000,000

Miami-Dade County, Florida

The 460 acres mixed use DRI project illustrates urban design planning concepts with a man-made lake theme. Linking all parcels with these lakes and strong pedestrian paths create a great sense of community. 

Cosmos 1998 $90,000,000

Miami-Dade County, Florida

The DIC mixed use project includes 26.51 acres of commercial and 499 residential units on 47 acres. The total area of the project is 75 acres. 

Coral Gables Country Club 1996 $270,000

Coral Gables, Florida

The fire of 1985 left the entire west wing without an important ceremonial entrance and card room off North Greenway Drive. The historical designation of the property made this a challenge to design and build within an extremely tight budget. The Tweed Wing and Tower have brought a specific function and notable landmark back to an era of the original development of Coral Gables.

Villas of Barcelona 1996 $13,000,000

Miami, Florida

This Mediterranean style residential project includes a club house as well as 66 townhouse units. Residences equal a total of 105,600 sq. ft on 4.72 acres. The planning for this project projects a quaint style of living for families to interact with their neighbors.

Land Rover South 1996 $1,600,000

Miami-Dade County, Florida

Land Rover South is a Land Rover Dealership owned and operated by Warren Zinn Automobiles, Inc. This dealership consists of state of the art equipment for maximum efficiency for both sales and service.

McDonald's on Alton Road 1996 $800,000

Miami Beach, Florida

This McDonald's is located on Alton Road and 16th on Miami Beach, Florida. It is the first of its kind to stray from the old mediterranean persona known to be McDonald's and has now been transformed to a new style that reflects the uniqueness of the area it is in. 

The Groves 1995 $5,000,000

Miami, Florida

A rehabilitation of a residential community with 200 apartments and recreational facilities.

Salamanca 1993 $3,000,000

Coral Gables, Florida

The mixed use , mediterranean residential complex takes advantage of a very difficult site in Coral Gables. Bonuses for both mixed use and mediterranean style were incorporated in order to avoid a high rise design in this neighborhood.

Adagio at the Hammocks 1993 $7,000,000

Miami, Florida

A residential community made up of 156 fee simple townhomes at the Hammocks.

Hands In Action - Abused Children's Center 1993 $3,000,000

Miami, Florida

An abused children's 134 bed dormitory with recreational facilities, common rooms, cafeteria and offices.

Sunset Office Complex 1992 $6,000,000

Miami, Florida

This 120,000 sq. ft. office complex was rezoned from 24 townhomes by Mr. Pardo. The complexity included the fact that the property sits on the Miami-Dade County well cone of influence.  

Kendale Lakes 1992 $5,000,000

Miami, Florida

A 134 unit apartment building.

Palm Plaza 1992 $600,000

Miami, Florida

A 8,500 s.f. shopping center. 

McDonald's 1992 +$25,000,000


A series of McDonald's in different locations such as Miami Beach. Sanibel Island, Ft. Meyers Beach, Jackson Memorial Hospital, etc.

Bolingo 1992 $4,000,000

Miami, Florida

A miniature golf and batting cage as well as a video arcade with concession and restroom facilities.

Grace Villas 1992 $12,000,000

Miami, Florida

A residential community with 173 townhouses and condominiums.

Palm Plaza 3 1992 $2,000,000

Miami, Florida

A 17,500 s.f. shopping center.

Forest Lake Mall 1992 $5,000,000

Cooper City, Florida

A 135,000 s.f. mixed use development that includes a shopping center and offices.

Chanti Clare 1990 $3,000,000

Miami, Florida

A residential community with 124 single family homes.

British Homes 1989 $6,000,000

Miami, Florida

A residential community with 200 single family homes.

Terranova 1989 $700,000

Miami, Florida

A residential community consisting of 34 townhouses and single family homes.

Romantica at Imperial Lake 1988 $7,000,000

Miami, Florida

A residential community with 200 single family homes as well as a clubhouse and recreational facilities.

California Gardens 1988 $5,000,000

Miami, Florida

A 200 unit apartment building.

British Homes 1987 $4,000,000

Miami, Florida

A residential community with 135 single family homes.

Reflections at Imperial Lake 1986 $7,000,000

Miami, Florida

A residential community with 156 townhouses as well as a clubhouse and recreational facilities.

Patch Reef Park 1986 $8,000,000

Boca Raton, Florida

55 acres of passive recreational facilities including football, baseball, softball, soccer fields, and children's playground, plus administrative and maintenance building.

Florida Memorial College - Women Dormitories 1985 $1,600,000

A two-story women's dormitory with sleeping, recreational and study facilities for 348 students.

Glendale Federal Branch 1985 $2,500,000

Miami Beach, Florida

A 39,000 Sq. Ft. 4 story branch bank and leasable office space; ground floor consists of banking facility with separate drive-thru tellers, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th leasable unfinished space.

Cocoplum Marina 1985 $1,000,000

Coral Gables, Florida

Marina clubhouse and landside facilities for private marina including administrative offices, public facilities, maintenance, and storage.

Miracle Plaza Annex 1985 $380,000

Coral Gables, Florida

A 6,500 Sq. Ft. office building designed to incorporate old Mediterranean motif in Coral Gables business district; 2 story with tile roofs and open air portico.

Cypress Creek Road Office Complex 1985 $10,000,000

Broward County, Florida

The 120,000 sq. ft. office building was built using curtain wall systems with a very modern corporate look. Years later the building still looks crisp.

The Bank of Coral Gables 1984 $400,000

Coral Gables, Florida

A 27,000 Sq. Ft. banking and office building with published interiors of banking lobby - old Mediterranean motif carried throughout to remind of the city's heritage.

Renaissance at 2 Miracle Mile 1984 $30,000,000

Coral Gables, Florida

Central Business District Coral Gables, Florida 297,000 s.f. office building (161,660 s.f. commercial and 135,340 s.f. office) designed to incoroprate a 120 ft. and 60 ft. span archways over major thoroughfares of landmark significance designed to incorporate coral gables mediterranean principles and elements.

Avionics/ECM Pod Shop 1984 $1,000,000

Homestead, Florida

13,000 Sq. Ft. shop to repair and maintain avionics equipment and ECM pods - other features include training room, offices, lounge, and maintenance area.

Harry Cain Tower 1983 $5,700,000

Miami, Florida

Award-wining design for 154 unit elderly hosing project. Unique urban site located next to local college and rapid transit - first of its kind to be located in a downtown urban site, 2nd floor professional offices, 3rd floor recreational facilities.

Jackson Memorial Hospital Park #2 1983 $23,000,000

Miami, Florida

2000 car parking structure with a89 apartment units to be added as a future expansion - leasable retail space on ground floor accents future pedestrian mall.

555 Medical Offices 1983 $500,000

Coral Gables, Florida

A 2 story professional and medical offices addition including 5,000 Sq. Ft. of office space with parking below - accented stairways include skylights and lexon stairs.

Miami International Airport Park #2 1983 $14,500,000

Miami, Florida

1500 car parking structure with police facilities located on ground level - built without facility interruption.

Gables Engineering Plant 1983 $2,000,000

Coral Gables, Florida

60,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing plant for electronic equipment with administrative offices on second floor and leasable space on third floor.

Players State Theater 1982 $700,000

Miami, Florida.

Included the revamping of the 1,000-seat theater, along with its public lounges and management offices. A new sound booth and lighting system were also incorporated into the design.

Pavilions of Kendall 1982 $2,500,000

Miami, Florida

A 40,000 Sq. Ft. 2 story retail/office complex in oriental motif with extensive landscaping and water features.

Florida Memorial College - Interfaith Center 1982 $500,000

Miami, Florida

9,000 s.f. religious center including administrative offices, sanctuary, and future expansion for a library.

Coral Gables Federal Savings and Loan - Airport Center 1982 $2,000,000

Coral Gables, Florida

22,000 s.f. Computer Center housing the main network computer for bank, other features include programming areas, data processing, and administrative offices.

Florida Memorial College - Women Dormitories 1982 $750,000

Modular pre-manufactured construction system that was assembled on site - 1 story facility housing

156 students.

Goodyear Blimp Base 1982 $700,000

Pompano Beach, Florida

Site planning and architectural design of mooring pole and passenger terminal - asphalt runway from terminal to mooring area, and landing area,

Ryder System Inc. World Headquarters 1981 $12,000,000

3600 N.W. 82nd Ave. Miami, Florida

A 135,000 Sq. Ft. office building with specially designed recess doors and inter-ceiling baffles along with an integrated sprinkler system and designated computer facility.

Florida Memorial College - Student Union Addition 1981 $380,000

15800 N.W. 42nd Ave. Miami, Florida.

A 5,000 Sq. Ft. cafeteria added to the existing Student Union with full institutional kitchen equipment.

Sunset Branch 1981 $2,000,000

Miami, Florida

Banking facilities for large branch bank including wall coverings, teller line, furniture, lighting, and interior landscaping.

Park Place I & II 1981 $2,000,000

Coral Gables, Florida

A 52,000 Sq. Ft. two 3 story office building with parking below.

Benjamin Company Warehouse 1981 $1,700,000

Miami, Florida

A 130,000 Sq. Ft. dock height warehouse.

Variety Children's Hospital 1980 $300,000

6125 S.W. 31s St. Miami, Florida. 33155

Addition to scanner operations.